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  1. MEMBERSHIP: Any person in a family whose dues are up-to-date for the current year is a member for the purposes of these rules.
  2. GUEST: There are two (2) categories of guests for the purposes of these rules, bona fide house guest and other guest. A bona fide house guest is one who is living with a member family on a temporary basis, and does not normally reside in the area around the Town of Barnstable.  A bona fide house guest may use a tennis court with the permission of his member-host without a member being present.  Other guests may use a tennis court only when a member or a bona fide house guest is present. A person whose family is eligible to join the Holly Point Beach and Tennis association, but has not done so, may be a guest of a member only once per season.
  3. COURT USE: Each court may be used by 2 to 4 players, at least one of whom is a member or a bona fide house guest. One member and his group may not occupy both courts if a party is waiting to us a court except in the special cases of tournaments or tennis socials (see below).
  4. RESERVATIONS:  The book inside the hanging box will be used for reservations of court time.  A player wishing to reserve one court for a particular time may do so by writing his name in the appropriate space in the book not more than seven days ahead.  Except for tournaments and tennis socials (see below), a player may reserve no more than 1Ĺ hours of continuous time and no more than three (3) hours per day.  A player forfeits his reserved time if he chooses not to play because of bad weather or for any other reason.  A player also forfeits his reserved time if he arrives at the courts more than fifteen (15) minutes after his reserved time was to begin.
  5. WAITING: When a group arrives at the courts and wishes to play, but both courts are in use, the newly-arrived group will have to wait no more than 1Ĺ hours to play if the time is not already reserved.  The group that has been playing the longest will relinquish its court to the newly-arrived group. Groups arriving subsequently will have to wait their turn, unless they have a reservation.  In general, unless there are reservations within the time, a group may use the courts up to 1Ĺ hours even though there are others waiting to play.
  6. PRIORITY OF COURT TIME:  Groups with reservations have priority for court time over groups without reservations. Tournaments have precedence over all.  As mentioned above, when a party is fifteen (15) minutes late in arriving at the courts to use reserved time, they forfeit that time.
  7. UNAUTHORIZED PLAYERS (TRESPASSERS):  Any individuals or groups on the courts or grounds who are neither members nor guests nor accompanied by a member of a bona fide house guest are trespassers. The Tennis Committee requests that members ask these people to vacate the courts and grounds, and to ask the local police for help to eject these trespassers if they refuse to leave otherwise.  The Association will seek prosecution of these trespassers if the situation warrants such action.
  8. EQUIPMENT AND DRESS: Only tennis rackets and balls are permitted to be used on the courts.  Shoes must be regular tennis shoes or white soled sneakers. No cleated or hard-soled shoes are permitted on the court surface.  Players may not be barefoot.  Individuals may wear whatever garments they deem appropriate, as long as they are not in violation of decency laws. As is the rule at all courts, players must wear shirts.
  9. TOYS, ETC.ON PLAYING SURFACE, SMOKING: Bicycles and other wheeled toys and other paraphernalia potentially destructive to the court surface are not permitted within the court enclosure. No smoking is allowed.
  10. CHILDREN: All members and guests are encouraged not to take small children into the court enclosure, because of the severe injury a child may sustain if stricken by a ball or a running layer.
  11. CARS AND PARKING:  Head-on parking is allowed in the area directly in front of the courts. However, the Tennis Committee encourages all players to walk or ride bikes to the tennis courts.
  12. TOURNAMENTS AND LADDERS: Each year the Tennis Committee may arrange tournaments and ladders as the demand exists.
  13. TENNIS SOCIALS:  Each member family may arrange 2 tennis socials per season, in which that family may reserve both courts for themselves and guests for up to three (3) hours. At least one (1) member is expected to be present on the court property at all times during a tennis social. Members should speak to a member of the Tennis Committee approximately two (2) weeks prior to the planned social.
  14. LOCKING UP & MAINTENANCE:  The last member or bona fide guest to leave the court at any time is expected to be sure the courts are locked before leaving.  Wear and damage to equipment should be reported to the Tennis Committee so it can be repaired.
  15. LIABILITY: The organization shall not be held responsible or liable to any member or guest for injury to person or damage or loss of property for any reason. Those using the tennis court facilities do so at their own risk.
  16. LOCK COMBINATION: Please do not share the combination of the lock with anyone.
  17. COURTESIES:  While waiting for a court to be available, please do not stand inside the court area.  Also, as a courtesy to other players, please keep noise down to a minimum.
  18. FINAL WORD:  The Tennis Committee will review these rules from time to time and modify them as deemed appropriate.  Members are encouraged to suggest rule changes they would like to see.

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